He came to you in a night dream. A monster is terrorising the city, he said, and only a pure maiden can become a magical girl and save us. He promised great power and opened a new world to you.

I can't hide that it's a Vampire: the Masquerade or horror game, but that still tells you nothing.

No relation to Princess: the Hopeful just because it's also WoD and magical girls.

No swearing, some blood and violence.

Game has autosave, undo button, you can use 1-9 keys on the keyboard or just click with the mouse. Made with ink.

Don't forget to click the fullscreen button to play in full screen.

(updated 11.12: tightened the animations)


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This was so unusual, but I wholeheartedly loved it! So incredibly creative!

Got a few complaints though:

- would it be possible to stop the game from scrolling down when a choice is made? It often scrolls past where I should start reading the new block of text. 

- would be great to have a name or initial of who is talking in front of the dialogue. You can sort of keep track when it is two people, but it becomes very hard when it is 3. 

Overall this was just so... Different. I'm very glad that you made it though as I really liked it :D